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В этом документе два текста. Текст 1 - частичный перевод, мы рекомендуем его для уровней Pre Intermediate и выше. Текст 2 - параллельный перевод для уровня Elementary. В любом случае, вы можете выбрать тот текст, который вам больше подходит.

Текст 1

♪I have a dream♪

♪A song to sing♪

♪To help me cope (справляться)

♪With anything♪

♪If you see the wonder (чудо)

♪Of a fairy tale♪

♪You can take the future♪

♪Even if you fail. ♪

- Sam Carmichael. Bill Anderson. Harry Bright.

- Gentlemen, I have to go.

- Thank you very much. Take care.

- Morning, Rodney.

- Taxi! JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) please, as quick as you can.

- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- I missed you. Oh, no...

- We're...

- We're...

- Sophie, Ali, Lisa!

- We're the greatest, bestest mates!

- I'm tough. (крепкая, сильная, твёрдая)

- I'm tall.

- I'm tiny.

- And we're gonna rock (раскачать)this place.

- Sophie, it's beautiful.

- I want one.

- He did well, didn't he?

- I'm getting married tomorrow. I'm so glad you're here, because I have a secret and I can't tell anybody else.

- Sophie, you're knocked up? (груб. залетела)

- No! No! No! I've invited my dad to my wedding.

- You are joking!

- You found him at last?

- No! No, no, no, no, no, not exactly. Okay. You know what my mom always said when I asked about my father. It was a summer romance, and he'd gone long before she realized (понять) that she was expecting (ожидать) me. And I'd always kind of accepted (принимать)that that's all I'd ever know. Well, I was ransacking (рыться) some old trunks (сундуки) and I found this. It's the diary she kept (вела дневник) the year she was pregnant (беременная) with me.

- Sophie!

- July 17th. What a night!

- I don't know if I want to hear this!

- I do!

- Sam rowed (подвезти на лодке, грести) me over to the little island. That's here. That's Kalokairi. We danced on the beach, and we kissed on the beach, and dot, (точка)dot, dot."

- What?

- Dot, dot, dot. That's what they did in the olden days. (старина)

- Stop it!

"Sam's the one. I know he is. I've never felt like this before."

Honey, honey♪

♪How he thrills (возбуждать) me

- Honey, honey♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪Nearly kills me

- Honey, honey♪

♪I've heard about him before♪

♪I wanted to know some more♪

♪And now I know what they mean♪

♪He's a love machine♪

♪Oh, he makes me dizzy (кружится голова, головокружение), ♪

♪Honey, honey

- Let me feel it♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪Honey, honey

- Don't conceal (скрывать) it♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪The way that you kiss good night♪

♪The way that you kiss me good night♪

♪The way that you hold me tight♪

♪The way that you're holding me tight♪

♪I feel like I wanna sing♪

♪When you do your thing♪

- So, this guy Sam's your father!

- The plot (сюжет) thickens. (сгущается, закручивается)

- All this time, Sam's been telling me he loves me, and now he's announced (объявить) that he's engaged, (быть помолвленным) so he's gone home to get married, and I'm never going to see him again."

- Poor Donna.

- August 4th. What a night! Bill rented (снять) a motorboat, and I took him over to the little island."

- Bill? Sophie, wait.

- Hang on.

- Though I'm still obsessed (быть одержимой) with Sam, Bill's so wild. (дикий, разгульный) He's such a funny guy. One thing led (приводить) to another, and dot, dot, dot." August 11th. Harry turned up, (появиться) out of the blue, (как гром среди ясного неба, неожиданно) so I said I'd show him the island. He's so sweet (милый) and understanding, (понимающий) I couldn't help it (не могла с собой ничего поделать) and dot, dot, dot!"

- Dot, dot, dot!

- Oh, my God!

- Here come the bridesmaids. (подружки невесты)

- Donna!

- Look at you!

- God! Stop growing!

- You sound like you're having fun already.

- Oh, we are.

- I used to have fun.

- Oh, we know!

♪Honey, honey

- Touch me, baby♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪Honey, honey

- Hold me, baby♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪You look like a movie star♪

♪But I love just who you are♪

♪And, honey, to say the least♪

♪You're a doggone beast (проклятый зверь)

- Bugger! (черт)

- My sentiments (чувства) exactly.

- So, who is your dad?

- Sam, Bill or Harry?

- I don't know.

- But which one did you invite?

- Oh, my God!

- Oh, my God!

- Do they know?

- What would you write to a total stranger?

- Please come to my wedding, you might be my father?

- No. They think that Mom sent the invites (приглашения), and with what's in here, no surprise they said yes!

♪Honey, honey

- How you thrill me♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪Honey, honey

- Nearly kill me♪

♪Honey, honey♪

♪I'd heard about you before♪

♪I wanted to know some more♪

♪And now I'm about to see♪

♪What you mean to me♪

- I'm trying to get to Kalokairi. When's the next ferry? (паром)

- What?

- Monday.

- Bollocks! (бессмыслица, чушь)

- Yeah, my sentiments exactly.

- Bride or groom? (невеста или жених)

- Bride, although I've actually never met her.

- Ahoy, there. You guys need a ride to Kalokairi?

- Excuse me, coming through.

- I have a senior citizen (пенсионер) with me. Thank you.

- My mother needs a perch. (насест, жёрдочка)

- Mother? We're the same age.

- Yeah. Well, parts of us are.

- Sailor.

- No.

- Oh, he has your book!

- Oh...

- Stavros, Stavros. Stavros. (греч. крест)

- It's just a fish.

- You are so clever.

- We're going to look fabulous (шикарный) tomorrow.

- I want the perfect wedding, and I want my father to give me away (выдать замуж).

- Better be a wide aisle. (проход)

- I will know my father as soon as I see him.

- Sky! Come here, gorgeous. (шикарный)

- Put me down.

- I'm getting married tomorrow.

- Please be careful.

- So?

- There are pins (булавка) in the dresses.

- What do you think?

- Oh, yes!

- Oh, yes. If you had your way (если бы мы сделали так., как хочешь ты), it'd be a three-minute wedding in jeans and T-shirts, washed down (записать) with a bottle of beer.

- You make me sound so unromantic! I just thought we should save our money for travelling.

- Well, we're not going anywhere yet. Anyway, please leave. We're very, very busy. We're very, very busy.

- I'm just getting some props (реквизит) for tonight.

- Ooh!

- For his bachelor party. (мальчишник)

- Why haven't you told him you've invited your dads?

- Because he would say that I'd have to tell my mom.

- Donna's absolutely gonna kill you when she finds out. (узнать)

- By the time she finds out, it'll be too late. I feel like there's a part of me missing, and when I meet my dad, everything will fall into place. (встать на свои места)

Текст 2